The Forearm of Thuraya
Star Name

The Forearm of Thuraya

Part of the Hands of Thuraya celestial complex

الذراع – الساعد

Star Names

The Forearm (adh-dhira’)
The Forearm (as-sa’id)

The Forearm is part of the Henna-Dyed Hand (al-kaf al-khadib) of Thuraya, a brilliant star cluster that was anthropomorphized as a female figure. One of two Hands, the Henna-Dyed Hand is longer than the Amputated Hand (al-kaf al-jadhma’) and features several well-defined elements.

The Forearm of Thuraya (dhira' ath-thuraya) as it appears in the west about 45 minutes before sunrise in early November.

The Forearm of Thuraya (dhira’ ath-thuraya) as it appears in the west about 45 minutes before sunrise in early November. Sky simulations made with Stellarium.


A group of three (according to Ibn Qutayba) or two (according to as-Sufi) unremarkable stars located between the Henna-Dyed Hand and the Elbow.

Modern Identification

η PER (Miram), orange supergiant, magnitude 3.76
γ PER, yellow giant star, magnitude 2.93
τ PER, yellow star, magnitude 3.95


The stars of the Forearm of Thuraya set about the time that the Brand (al-han’a) sets. Ibn Qutayba (d. 879 CE) reported that the Brand was said to set on the morning of December 22. On account of the precession of the equinoxes, today we can expect to observe the Forearm setting in early January and rising in the middle of February, as seen from the latitude of Tucson. (See How to Observe on the About page for more on this topic.)

Rain Stars

The Forearm of Thuraya does not figure among the rain stars.

Lunar Stations

The Forearm of Thuraya is not one of the lunar stations.

 Related Stars and Celestial Complexes

The Forearm is part of the Hands of Thuraya (aydi ath-thuraya, أيدي الثريا) folkloric celestial complex. The Forearm connects the Henna-Dyed Hand (al-kaf al-khadib, الكف الخضيب) to Thuraya itself (ath-thuraya, الثريا).

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